Moon in Gemini-Mercury says aspects to Pluto, Neptune and the Moon!

The moon is in Gemini and points to the need for describing and talking about their own emotions, fears and insecurities. People with the Moon tend to objectively observe their emotional relationships and their role in them.

This moon is now under the influence of the planet Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, analytical, but in its reflection, and is a good period of self-awareness, treatment, detection of their irrational beliefs and work with them. Merkur says aspects to Pluto, Neptune and the Moon.

Pluto gives it a penetration into the unconscious, great transformative ideas and release the fears, for example, work with psychologists or through some training, group therapy. Opposition Mercury and Neptune usually means lack of clear boundaries between the rational and the irrational, the more reason that we let other people help are revealing and understanding of personal perception.

When Mercury is under the influence of Neptune is prone to deception and fraud. Inclined to believe that things are going exactly in the way that he looks at them, and often the situation is exactly the opposite. Also, square to the moon added to the tension between the Twin cheerful humor and seriousness and meticulousness that comes from Mercury.

Specifically, laughter is a good indicator of readiness to deal with the situation, but more than that is a defense mechanism and attempt to hush up the matter before him. This aspect of the square indicates the changing thoughts and plans, problem dafinisanja emotions, so it is best to put them on paper and analyzed.

Saturn, on the other hand the real aspects of the Sun and Mars, which brings vitality, desire for growth and development, positive changes and the wisdom that comes through the creation, learning and concrete actions and experience. In these respects the identity transform, through specific work on yourself and your fears.

Saturn is also in opposition to the moon as a concern, and often the unwillingness of major life decisions. This often talks about the fears of the past that come to the surface to make us learn something. This is also the female insecurity, constant questioning of emotions, safety, comfort and the need to talk about it openly.

Moon says the nice aspects to Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, which brings peace, optimism, need for movement and the open display of emotions whatever they may be, as well as compliance with the opposite sex, according the soul and the ego and the peace that comes as a result of it.

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