Moon in Leo-be need and generous!

The moon is in Leo. Leo is a sign that likes attention, audience, domination and creative expression. With the position of the Moon in this sign, emotional security seeks to express outward toward others, through friendship, mutual activities.

This month is important and feels good and accepted when others praise and admire when, thus motivating him to continue creating. Lav as a sign of not wanting to be exploited to try him and ignored, when the Moon is in this sign, which is greater ignorance and criticism, it is more pronounced emotional insecurity. This is about the context of our mood these days.

Moon in Leo is under the influence of the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. Sun is in Virgo, but creatively focus on work, order and organization. Sun is in the separation square to Saturn, but problems with the law, systems, authorities persist. However, all of a sudden change in the business, reporting to uncontrolled emotions or any unforeseen failure can make us insecure, vulnerable and alienated, which manifests itself through excessive pride, pride, proving false and inflated ego that serves no purpose.

Jupiter in Libra is focused on partnership, diplomacy, and in contact with Venus, love, enjoyment, shopping, creativity, learning. This is a good time to focus on their own interests, give-deposit Venus, education, learning, training, travel | Jupiter. Creativity and free will can be magnified through an active focus on the things that we may have neglected, even if we find people who share these interests with us, that’s filled with the symbolism of Jupiter in Libra.

Mercury is still close to Mars, making it quick and impatient mind, words are cold and crisp, no empathy, no understanding, let alone forgiveness. The truth comes to light and not at all pleasant, however, the aspect of Mercury and Pluto, that we needed to help us understand ourselves or what we have suffered.

Depending on how to manipulate these words and energies, so we can and feel. Better fast than any words, than ruffle the sarcasm, because it will provoke Moon sign Leo which can react with pride and therefore unconstructive for any interview.

Moon trine Saturn and Uranus makes good decisions and great inspiration, so it would be a good use for work, reach an agreement and constructive solutions. One should listen to the advice of older and to seek help from someone who has experience and knowledge to help us.

Pluck up courage and do something nice for yourself. Host other and offer a help organization, solving tasks, in this way we will restore peace and contentment, plus meet and symbolism Lava – be required and generous.