Moon in Leo is a bit childish, likes to challenge every moment filled with fun, music, society …..

Moon is in Leo. To make us feel satisfied and certainly we choose such activities and situations in which we will be able to express their skills and full of potential, and through contacts with people with whom we share similar interests.

Moon in Leo is a bit childish, likes to challenge every moment filled with fun, music, society. He can react very emotionally when someone tries to criticize what he does or creates, what more can exaggerate reactions trying to show their dissatisfaction with the public and sometimes unreasonably.

Today, such a moon says aspects to Saturn, Uranus and the sun. How are all these positive aspects, bring him positive circumstances at work, as well as support and authority of older people in order to express their own wishes. For all what we want, today we will get guidance, advice and support for further implementation. Contact Saturn in Sagittarius gives support to people with progressive ideas. You may have high expectations and clear requirements, but it does not prevent us to show what we know, especially things that are good.

On the other side of the Sun in Aries, in his exaltation, leadership and pioneering spirit encourages Month to be creative and imaginative, so we have a visible authority or Real Time Tracking and partners in this regard.

After all, Uranus in Aries, his explosiveness originality to innovation and new ideas, so we are now ready to change the system and bring a personal touch to the whole change. How it comes to fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, we have a combination of optimism, creativity and tremendous motivation to pormenimo things in our favor. Dan is especially good for the Rams, Lions and Sagittarius. The moon is also sextile to Jupiter retrograde, which means that we can return to some ideas or projects from before, and that these days we will have better conditions to start.

How to go retrograde and Saturn invite us to better organize, examine once again its decision, in relation to those fields where Saturn rules. If at your Saturn Government, for example, three fields, it may be decisions regarding travel, documents … maybe hang time … If Saturn Government 6 fields, invites you to check the state of your health, especially if you have already had some symptoms, and dispose of the treatment . If your government has 10 fields, Saturn reminds you to reconsider business decisions that may have been made under pressure from someone or conditionality and the like. As will be Mercury retrograde, we will have plenty of time to think what to do further.

Compared to the period when Mars was retrograde when he made extremely difficult aspects to Saturn, where most people felt confusion, lack of objective and feelings that are running in circles, as it was last year, this year we are entering conscious when we, but we do not know now what the team.