Moon in Pisces in square to Saturn in Sagittarius-identity problem!

Moon in Pisces now in a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, which will bring personal insecurity and the problem of identity and value system in comparison with the way we look at partnerships or how we want to treat our partners.

This applies not only to romantic relationships. Our tendency to be loved, protected and safe, will force us to become too demanding on this point are not clear boundaries between seeing and our partner’s needs.

On the other hand, the need at all costs to express their opinion and impose certain limits of behavior will result in removal partner or covert rebellion that can easily evolve into a conflict during lunar eclipses, 09.16.2016.

The conflict can be seen from the square of the Moon and Mars, especially when the Moon is at 24 degrees of Pisces. At that moment will make the opposition with the sun. The opposition itself is a consciousness, and Mercury retrograde, which clearly through reflection can not access any conflict.

The Council is to educate today and tomorrow in connection with a problem that you have, whether it be reading articles, watching videos, an interview with an expert or a friend. Sun in Virgo Seeks education and moon in Pisces loss limits and abandonment.

In this aspect the best way to fix something is to first inform about it, then ask questions about it and with reflection release the tension. Because it is quite normal to be sad and mad and angry and envious and jealous …

This full moon brings just that, consciousness, lighting subconscious in order to release the problem. Of course you can always take the easy way and go into the conflict, but it does not bring peace, at least not in the long run.

Much of this is karmic in this full moon, especially because of the south node which is also in Pisces which suggests a tendency to prefer to go to the illusions and fears, rather than a solution. Sun in Virgo corresponds to the northern node in Virgo, another argument why should its purpose to build through education, clear rules and practical routine instead of just to take ideals. It’s a good period for the affirmation, prayer and some energy techniques, therapies and the like, but if you want to try your hand in the fact.