Moon in Pisces, square to Saturn and square to the Sun in Sagittarius ……

The moon is in Pisces, square to Saturn and square to the Sun in Sagittarius. What is interesting here is that if Saturn and the Sun will be in exact conjunction, very responsible and stressful day for the shooter and the Twin Towers.

Today the square Moon in Pisces and Sun in Sagittarius indicates a conflict of consciousness and subconscious desires and goals, identity and integrity, conflict of male and female principle, which is manifested through the variable emotional states, passivity, confusion, excessive sensitivity, self-deception and the like. On the other hand, we have emphasized pride, pride, exaggerate the demands of the environment, while careless and negligent towards it.

We want to explore and participate in the activities, while on the other hand we feel cut off from everything we do. We have a goal, but we have no emotion. The moon is square Saturn, which in turn gives a problem with the restrictions and discipline, and inability to see and set clear rules and to coordinate with them.

So, we have a goal, we do not have emotion and fear rules. Fear of responsibilities and rules comes from their lack of understanding, and the Moon in Pisces is precisely in this story, is so mystical and in your world that there is no need to be familiar with the rules. The moon does not like rigidity, structure, logic, and just because you do not understand the rationale and argumentativnost Saturn in Sagittarius.

Conjunction brings seriousness and in some cases difficult circumstances to work, relationships with older people and the need to build a stable relationship with his father. This conjunction of returns and the fear of not having enough attention, love, fear of leaving the comfort. The person must leave aside the fun and entertainment and is organized by the set deadline. In a sign that the field in which you are located, this conjunction, we will seek to establish some rules, make a decision or set goals.

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