Moon in Pisces vastly extended day we are ready to compromise, discussion, exchange of ideas with a partner!

Moon in Pisces puts emotional focus on empathy, forgiveness, unconditional love, and illusion, bias, great imagination and even greater expectations. People with Mesco in Pisces are very sensitive to other people’s energy, easy to absorb other people’s emotions, making them extremely adaptable and flexible in social relations, but they themselves stand to suffer because of it, especially if people’s problems as their own.

Discordant expression of this month is as shy, perception is often influenced by emotions, ready for the great sacrifice and suffering for those who do not value, can be very impractical because of their great expectations, often depressed. This moon is now under the influence of Jupiter and Venus. This further reflects our inner need to expand (Jupiter) love (Venus) to pay tribute to and enjoy and above all understand and help (Jupiter) those we love (Venus).

To do this, these days we are willing to compromise, discussion, exchange of ideas with a partner, showing a high degree of maturity, diplomacy and charm. There is no room anxiety or fears, with Mercury in Leo attention focuses on creativity, generosity, compliments that gladly refer others, and thus we get what we want.

Discordant expression of the scales is that one has to be a passive-aggressive, superficial and unpredictable, and the words (Mercury) can also be used as welding materials. Until we are honest with themselves and their intentions, there is no place fears, not manipulation. The illusion of the Moon in Pisces may lead us to think that we get rid of the shackles of ego and that we have finally matured, however, touch Pluto whole story gives dark sound, fears are suppressed and forgotten, because it might be easier.

The high sensitivity of the Moon in Pisces is visible in communication, especially in the detection of non-verbal cues and hidden messages / intention of the other person. As much as I was convinced that our perception of the only true because the square of Venus and the Moon, subject to subjectivity and irrational conclusions.

It is possible to try to convince the other person that we are right, although we have no real evidence for this, in addition ,, sense “. Aries energy is best manifested through dance, movement, music, poetry … to pay attention to dreams. Month going to conjunct Neptune which makes it especially sensitive and imaginative. Neptune brings a touch of love, ideal, faith, vision, leaving a dose of mysticism, introversion and universality.

As the moon says the square with Venus, this brings tension because it can talk about the disappointments in love and relationships. On the one hand romantic emotions, on the other reason, the variability and apparent laxity partners. Disappointments today are not real, but they do not need to lead, nor any conclusions.

During the next day and the moon will make a square to Saturn. This aspect of the decision, and suffering because of this decision. Saturn represents sober after drinking, as well as the unpleasant consequences caused by the illusion of Pisces. This means that you should not go for any idea, nor make any decisions. Some relationships and love seem ideal at night, while the new day the magic disappears.

It is necessary dose of objectivity in the story and the symbolism of Aries can be expressed through spirituality, prayer, meditation and art. This time, falling in love, idealization partner and unconditional love must be put aside.

Some love can stay home without having to be told to the end. It is this incompleteness makes them perfect.