Moon in Pisces-We are scared and under tension, but ….

Moon in Pisces-sensitive and emotional trying to hide the true reaction. The moon is square Saturn making it more responsive to the views of other people, especially friends or organizations in which we work.

There is also a fear of expressing one’s own opinion, by all means try to control others and adapt their business ideas and proposals. Of importance to us is the opinion of other people, but it is also the fear. This fear can affect our beliefs and convictions, and what will make us reluctant to cooperate. Harmless jokes we can get angry and change the course of thought. We can be prone to melancholy.

Moon also makes a nice aspect to the Sun in Scorpio which will provide us with plenty of options for eating and socializing. It gives us also the transformation and the need for unconditional understanding of nice people, especially our families and partners.

We are scared and under tension, but we need to solve conflicts; Today we will not allow us any who disturb the peace, but tensions are evident in some situations. Often we feel contradictory, at times sublime and loved, in other lonely and left. Month real sextile and Pluto, which refers to the release of fears related to rejection and privacy.

Many fears can be projected onto others and be prone to feelings of guilt and blaming. Unconditional love can turn into manipulation and excessive sacrifice or withdrawal. We are able to change and transform the ideas that are no longer functional, related to other people, spouses or some open conflicts and enemies. It is possible that we can suddenly get an idea or even through dreams become aware of unconscious mechanisms of action that will help us to develop self-love.

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