Moon in Sagittarius-month after the zodiac signs

Moon in Sagittarius has a need to feel free and accepted by others. These people are sociable, active, usually aimed at a sport or team activities. It’s hard for them to get in touch with their emotions, especially when they are in trouble, they often unconsciously reject the existence of any problems. These people are by nature optimistic, sometimes too much. It will continue to overestimate their capabilities. They are too frank and open, people are threatened with a cheerful spirit, broad understanding and make sure that they have an idea, an ideal, a goal in life. They are interested in fashion, tourism and continuous learning and improvement. They are very sincere in expressing tenderness and affection to others. They love compliments and are happy to give them to others. They like to support and encourage. They correspond to jobs that allow movement, flexibility in performing tasks and socializing.