Moon in Sagittarius-To be able to express their feelings, we must first explore them!

The moon is in Sagittarius. To be able to express their feelings, we must first examine them, experience and understand, especially fears, desires and need for security and control of other people.

The moon is trine to the Sun which is in Leo, and this harmonious aspect refers to the balance of actions and emotions, on the balance of ego and soul. If you’re in conflict with someone, we are aware of your ego and inner fears, we can easily determine what hinders and prevents us to feel free (Moon still in Sagittarius).

The moon is slowly moving toward Capricorn, the sign of his expulsion in which a much more serious look at their emotions or suppress them. Month will be in Capricorn, then your security express the tendency to provide things or people known to them and in respect of which it has built attitude and opinion.

And while the moon is in Sagittarius able to re-search for new experiences in order to come into contact with your inner being, Moon in Capricorn is more related to the provision of known space was emotional or material within which is free to express his emotions. Also, as the moon is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, will seek to share their experiences, spiritual values ​​and teachings extend, understand and share with others. Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is expensive and build of new experiences and any intense emotion, so the moon in Capricorn so important to have a safety rather than express emotions.