Moon in Scorpio – how to stay sane?

With the full moon in Scorpio focus has been and still is to what someone has done to us, or me him. The moon is primarily in Mars Scorpio, but he is interested in the behavior of Mars to other planets.

Moon in Scorpio is by nature suspicious and persistent emotions, but that in this sign the moon does not feel good, because it is still under the influence of Mars, the planet of aggression and competition, it is normal that these people are under constant internal stress and above all struggle with himself.

Moon represents our psyche and subconscious, and Mars action and competition, conflict and aggression. This would mean that these people compete with themselves, causing themselves pain, this aggression is directed towards you, from the inside, so the Moon in Scorpio says that self-destructive.

The sun is on the other side of our vitality and purpose. The Venus sign, the essence of the sun is to connect with others, materialize, love, focus on concrete and physical things. Opposition moon and sun get in touch with their inner fears and impulses with the desire to materialize them, precisely draw some lessons for future.

However, you should pay attention to the Moon in Scorpio, and what we are actually interested in? First of all, Mars is in Gemini and in square to Neptune, and trine to Jupiter in Libra. This speaks of our risk management, the need to fight for their rights, at the same time destroying the illusion that we had about themselves and about others.

The aggression of Mars is directed to the sign of Gemini, but these days do not listen to other people, but also implements its own will, this is a sign of rashness and reckless actions. The moon is thus forced to rely on such Marsa, because things have to do with the Month of the things that we have taken these days, that we had conflicts with his family, for example, or what we say.

If Mars trine Jupiter wants to fight for justice, to impose its will and opinion. So, chances are that the main preoccupation of the Month will be just that. So with the Moon in Scorpio we are actually breaking the illusion of self and others, cleaned of negative behavior patterns coming up with new insights, which we can call a life with wisdom, and by successfully materialize through its own system of values.

How the moon represents the female principle, a residence in Scorpio, whose ruler Mars chances are these days are women more susceptible to stress, hormonal changes and conflicts, whose causes. In addition, the mere opposition of the Moon and the Sun is about conflicts in marriage and long-term relationships.

Sun in Taurus is under the influence of Venus in Aries. Venus is in opposition to Jupiter brings her general lack of faith in love, suspicion of the partner, reservations and focus on personal priorities. These would mean that it would not be good amplify conflicts with your partner and revive the things of the past because it will work on the relationship in the direction of cooling of relations.