Moon in Scorpio in the square to the Sun in Leo-immutability mood and emotions!

Moon in Scorpio in the square to the Sun in Leo, this is a square fixed signs, talk about the immutability of mood and emotion, with the difference in wording. While Leo focuses on other people and create an environment that would be fully sustained by its potential as an emotional Scorpio sign has a need for security.

This square indicates that many people want, applause and fame, but our peace crosses, this is not a good combination for any emotional relationship. However, it is good for business, because the square itself brings fuel for action, fixed signs returns persistence and the fact that Scorpio mysterious, emotionally distant, often calculated in relationship to the environment, can easily seat the Sun in Leo to use in his favor.

In this regard, today in connection with the business opportunities that we create those, which ones we sense intuitively that are good for us. The final dispositor planet Mercury is in Virgo, which is deeply analytical, insightful and intelligent position, which continues all the other planets brings seriousness, planning and discipline to finish off the job.

To today’s Month felt safe it is necessary to have control over their emotions and things that performs especially those related to the implementation of ideas and beliefs, and that the moon exerts best through finding authentic ways of expression. Although the Moon in his decline, this situation is about strong passions, and fears about loss of control over oneself and over others.

People with this position may be difficult in a relationship or in business opportunities because they are distrustful and skeptical, convinced that only they can do the job well. Depending on the dispositor will apply the entire course of action, and therefore, as is Mercury in Virgo, the Moon will be much more rational, flexible and actually ready to cooperate.

Although it will still have its impulse and uncertainty, they are not so manifest, because people will be able to rationalize them and understand in time that it does not serve the environment in which they work.

Certainly today need to think about their actions towards the environment and how our decisions and perceptions affect the way the situation that we are experiencing.