Moon in Scorpio-it seems to us that even a short and not so bad!

To be surrounded by laughter and safe (Taurus), inspired by a constant beauty (Libra)! NO Thus, it remains to be appropriated and then moments while walking example of Florence after the Uffizi gallery and admire our breath and pauses, and then immediately after to the Boboli Garden in opaque green in the heart of Florence, which covers about 45 hectares. If our lives every now and then that was where to sweet pies with toppings made according to secret recipes and a can of beer were normal pauses between infusion of beauty and joyful meeting with nice people who simply do not care, I have the basics – when the master comes to fix the cistern or bought a bicycle child, a younger new edition of Lego, because it was all so normal.

But for a long time, such a normal life with music as from Fellini films like that in a collective unconscious moved into the drawer of dreams, desires, aspirations, or how the moon was the story of all of us (the collective) to really enjoy all that should the most normal kind of life, available …

What we are all forced tendencies of the first decades of the 21st century is to meet with more bitter than sweet atmospheres and the stories they have to tell us the Moon in Scorpio, and with it the now battered by the repetition of “alienation” with whom we met in Month Capricorn. Moon in Gemini gets the stuff, thanks to gadgets and tech progress, but we at least now and until our fingers sent coded keypad thinks the world wide web – it seems to us that even a short and not so bad.

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