Moon in Scorpio-month after the zodiac signs

This Month’s very mysterious, sensitive and nepoverljiv.Vole competition and competition. Usually they are ambitious. Previous their status and power. Are sensitive to the emotions of others and quickly assess behavior and intention of the person. Their aggression is not direct nor visible, so they try to control their emotions in reaction. Suspicious by nature and their greatest fear betrayal. Often because of this fear does not enter into a deeper emotional relationships. Analytical are able to know when to seize the opportunity or the person in your favor. They may be unsure of their actions, but it never openly. They tend to shift the blame to other people. They may be attracted to the occult. The best feeling when you can not control the situation, when they are not emotionally dependent and when you believe your partner. They have intense emotions, often nightmares. This position often talk about possessive parent.