Moon in Taurus-We need peace, rest, comfort!

The moon is in Taurus. We need peace, rest, comfort and above all, weighed and pre-conceived actions. Moon habits of today sit and sleep, sit and eat, entertain other people, help them, feed them. Their security needs related to other people, but also for implementing partners through the field of creativity, fun and enjoyment, and is a good day for creativity.

A nice aspect of the Moon and the Sun is about ego and soul line. The argument for this is that the sun entered the sign of Virgo, which is a sign of service to others and to ensure financial security. Moon and Sun combine to create favorable conditions for the realization of the above need two planets.

Dispositor Moon in Taurus, Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter, which would mean that from the overwhelming desire to create something, we can overdo it. Exaggeration is expressed in two forms, exaggerating the preparations to be completed or when something is completed, the actions, seeking confirmation middle of what has been done.

So today, as long as you have the desire to pamper themselves and others do not ignore other factors, but this is a vacation, healthy sleep, a balanced diet and of course, assertiveness.