Moon in the horoscope reveals the emotions and soul-In women’s horoscope has multiple roles!

The moon is the Earth’s natural satellite, astronomy, astrology, while there are many things and it is very important, it is soul-Anima, the holder of the genetic code, in the male horoscope, mother, and children. In women’s horoscope has multiple roles. It can be an important way for the conception and childbirth, about the character of the mother, but also what the woman with a certain position of the Month will be majka.Detaljnije has meaning and the interpretation of karma, or the tasks that a person needs to fulfill in life.


Moon in Aries gives pioneers, competitive-minded people who are always the first at something. The mother of these persons has insisted on independence and responsibility, and discipline. They are, if women are very dedicated to nurturing and protective mother. The genes carry the past warriors and soldiers and therefore their lives are eternal struggle. These are rarely strong personalities, but are afraid of emotional dependence and hard to let go.


Exaltation of the Month gives that he is here very pronounced and gives a sense of art and beauty at home, and a home full of love and togetherness. If a woman has the Moon in Taurus, is likely to have more children, or a beautiful and healthy children, with clear preferences in life. These people are descendants of farmers and those who have gained through their work in the fertile plains.


Symbol of nervousness and restlessness could be the Moon in Gemini. Sometimes giving extreme type double bonds, two jobs, sudden changes ponašanja.Majka these persons was largely undefined and immature, a person with the Moon are flexible, but not enough authoritative mothers. Their ancestors were skilled traders and travelers, and therefore have a need for movement, not holding them to a place. They love the different languages ​​and cultures.


Domicilan Moon in Cancer, or at home gives superior family people who hold the strings absolutely everything connected with your family, in your hands. The mother of these people loved their child and so he showed love, it is hard to be better than that. However, they will push these boundaries in parenting and give their children a lot of emotion and attention. Their ancestors were engaged in construction of houses and they find themselves in it. The gentle and sensitive.


If the Moon is in Leo, certainly have the genes of people “blue blood”, or ruler along political lines. You were born to be leaders, do not do well someone else’s command. Their mother is strengthened ambition and admired you, trying to make everyone displays his gifted son. His children have high requirements in terms of success in life. A better situation for women, because they will want a stronger man beside him. They are strong and persistent in everything.


People with the Moon in Virgo, are often medical or teachers. Their mother wanted to be neat and accurate, well organized and flowed their discipline. They will have obedient children easily acquire useful navike.Oni are descendants of doctors, healers and wise men, and insults when their views and advice no one is looking and not price. Heavier material security, but they are willing to work hard for it.


Mother person with the moon in Libra was very beautiful, and is undeniably had a special gift. They are parents who want their children to be perfect, absolutely gorgeous. Their ancestors were representatives of high society and they still have style, they are very polite and nice to communicate. Problems arise when their expectations are not met, then become hesitant and unsure. These are the people of the world by quarreling with great success.


These are people who after a long wait came into the world, from families with few children, mostly. Moon in Scorpio gives a fear of death, but unusual and intuitive, even a tendency toward the occult, even out of curiosity. Their mother has been closed, secretive person that they themselves know little. The ancestors of these people were involved in some wars, or mass starvation.


With the Moon in Sagittarius is certainly never boring. These are people who would constantly to travel, change jobs, mostly languages. Their mother is unrestrained, free-spirited, interested in spiritual and philosophical teachings, and perhaps writing. They are liberal parents who seek to expand children vidike.Preci they were sailors, explorers, world travelers, and very much like to travel to distant areas. It’s hard for them to keep their attention longer in one place.


The origin of these people were related to mountain areas, and their mother is a great fighter who raise their children alone, with great passion, even when married to the patriarchy in which the largest burden of family life shall wife. That they are strong and tough people who do not have much desire, and can withstand anything in life. They are parents to teach children the acquisition and preservation of wealth and the real ambition.


Mother person with the Moon in Aquarius has approved certain models of behavior that were not appropriate for this age, somehow trying to justify and accept everything. As parents, the owners of this month are excessively tolerant, almost confused, like a big brother or sister. These are all nervous people who get bored very quickly, they are interested in the progress čovečanstva.Preci they were eccentric people who are destroying the government and rose revolution, and very rebellious.


Moon in Pisces is a strange and mysterious. These people may have a “prophetic dreams”, or highly expressed instincts. Their mother is an unusual person who has their little secrets that no one confided. They are gentle to your kids, but do not do anything wrong. They often have many children, but they are not aimed at dealing with organized them, so that appears to do everything required. Preci they were shamans, healers, sorcerers, travelers to exotic landscapes, and now they are attracted to.