Moon in the sign of Libra and says conjunction with Venus in Libra-exchange of ideas, harmony, art and sweets!

Moon entered the sign of Libra and says conjunction with Venus in Libra in his seat. The need for emotional security achieved through socializing, exchange of ideas, harmony, art and sweets. We will try to avoid conflicts or at least to keep their distance and chosen.

Moon and Venus in conjunction talk about aesthetics and the desire to enjoy the beauty. But today is not a day for deep, intense and difficult emotions. Today we rest, we are creating something new for themselves and others and spending time in the family.

How the Moon and Venus make sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, we will have some opportunities to monetize their creative ideas and launch projects that we have planned for a long time, especially if they are related to some form of art, or legal affairs. On a personal level may remind some of the things we did and that we be a pleasure, ready to give them a new dimension and meaning.

If the conjunction of the moon and Venus in Libra have a name, it would be

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