Moon in Virgo-month after the zodiac signs

People with this position of the Moon become dissatisfied when they are idle, when they have nothing to organize a last resort, when you have no one to criticize. Their emotional security and self-esteem depend on the degree of functionality and practicality of reaching out to people and situations. They like routine and familiar. They love children and animals. Family is very important to them, it contains security and support. Usually they try to maintain good relations with relatives. By nature, are not conflicting personalities, they love to help others and to be accepted in society. Can I have a sense of humor. It is difficult to bind to and enter into a serious relationship. Often intellectualizing emotions are prone to criticism partner’s behavior and very picky. Are educated and curious. Seek peace and security, but also society and communication. The happiest when they can give advice, to listen and help. Have certain ideals which are kept in a love relationship, the easier they are therefore to be alone than with someone who does not meet those criteria.