Moon Opposition / Neptune square-Limits paranoia and ideals!

Limits of paranoia and ideals. Opposition or square Moon and Neptune are related to loss of contact with oneself, excessive idealism and uncertainty arising from it. On the one hand a person tries to understand and experience the spirituality, while on the other hand, it scares, making it unsafe.

Very often it happens that a person is not sure whether something is actually experienced or dreamed. Sometimes she can do that is separated from their body or undetectable in relation to other people.

A person may have unexplained fears, for example, from the deep water, because it is the symbolism of Neptune. There is also the fear of loss of consciousness, and these people often have normal sleep. In these aspects of the Month suffer because they do not understand the idea. Very often the ideal that there is too heavy for the emotional state.

This aspect can provide physicians, because the ideal of Neptune and practical benefits under controlled conditions, and what the goal of the month you want to maintain security. If it was a trine or sextile moon, would probably give the actors with regard to them is not a problem to move from one reality to another.

People with aspects of the Moon and Neptune are particularly sensitive to sounds, smells and external energy. They may have a fear of the dark, unknown people not having enough space. Memory and brain function are very sensitive. These are people who may have artistic talents, or are afraid to show them to others. They do not like criticism and condemnation, because it undermines their ideals by making them unsafe.

Your imagination and talents, as well as the ideals and sensitivity should be directed to the sign in which the Moon, because this is the only way to feel safe Month. If it comes to the Moon in Capricorn, then the idea should be directed to the business and structure, for practical work. If, for example, the Moon in Sagittarius, you must focus on travel, education, meditation, philosophy, and in these areas to apply their talents, but without any emotional attachment to any idea.

The film that perhaps best represents the consequences of opposition to the Moon and Neptune …

Horror soul and ailments of the mind in which only a dream and desire have a purpose.