Moon sextile Mercury-promising and structure!

Moon sextile with Mercury which gives the possibility to get in touch with their emotions and thoughts to make them easier to channel and verbally express what contributes to Mercury in Capricorn (because promises and structure), and Moon in Pisces which gives intuition and spirituality.

Ideal weather for logging and attempt to define and clarify their own emotions. If some of these issues exclusively related to relationships with family, difficult relationship with her mother, sisters or wives, it is a good day for the resolution of conflicts of this type and personal insecurity in general. Listening to classical music, meditation music can enhance and fully allow you to make sextile the Moon and Mercury.

This month, expect three very important changes. The first relates to the change, when Venus will enter the sign of Aquarius, so will our needs in partnership change, we will be more flexible, freer and more open to changes, whether they involve adapting partner and our needs or social activities, entertainment and outings, and even start emotional relationship with friends. Venus will be in harmonious aspect to Jupieru in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius, and is particularly good period for Aquarius or Aquarius rising. Initiating relationships and preserving relationships contributes to Saturn, and there is room to Jupiter in Libra brings optimism, harmony and spread love in intimate relationships.

Mercury will go retrograde, which can bring the goat problems at work, with documents and signing the contract. It is necessary to pay attention to the bones, joints, knees, keep the injury, hasty reaction. In this period, we will not know how to get organized, we often change the plans or even business partners.

Construction started in this period can delay the deadlines puncture. There may be problems with the authorities, and inattention to traffic on the court, particularly when it is in the process. Mercury will at that time be in square to Jupiter in Libra which will give a vague and exaggerated expectations in those areas where the birth chart are the two planets.

Mercury under the influence of Jupiter may have a problem with the organization and learning, will know to set priorities. Review and suspicion are possible in this period, although this is generally not a difficult aspect, because Jupiter is benefic

Mars will enter the sign of Pisces. The energy of Mars will be variable, focused on art, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, finding a higher meaning, we will need to create and to prove ourselves, be original.

Here Mars is not aggressive, it is very changeable, flexible and great for creating, or not to take any sudden, hasty and organized activities. Since the energy of Mars a little lost in the water, because in the end the water extinguishes fire, this is the time when we will be more passive, more peaceful, and more susceptible to psychosomatic manifestations. We do not want conflicts, even serious emotions, we are trying to suppress them. For those with a challenging situation, especially Mars in Pisces, this period can be extremely inharmonious, because it brings deception, fraud, lies. In difficult positions, yields and problems with alcohol, drugs and the like.

Pay attention to the way you are treated, you may turn to alternative medicine or some energetic healing methods. Mars will make a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, but a problem for the respect of the law, authorities, lack of faith, ignorance of the rules. Mars does not want to obligations and responsibilities. Can be problematic period for Fish and their relationships with partners or family. They may be under tension, extremely irritable, aggressive, insecure, but also more active in achieving the objectives than usual.

Extremely interesting period ahead, especially with Mercury retrograde. However, it should be used for reflection, learning, control, esotericism and meet some new methods, teachers who can be of help. How is Mars in Pisces will be accentuated tendency to be guided by intuition and the first impression that will be especially good and productive in finding material to work on it.