Moon through the signs of the Zodiac-Do you know what lies in the soul?

When you think about what someone on your soul, not even aware that actually think the character in which there is someone Month. Moon represents the hidden parts of our soul, our emotions and feelings, our subconscious, unconscious, dreaming dreams that were asleep or awake. In fact, the moon represents the most intimate part of our being. Depending on the position of the Moon in the sign, and depending on which aspects of the Month receives from other planets, we can really see what someone on your soul.

Moon in Aries will give battle, brave and impulsive people. These people are deeply confident and believe they can achieve anything they want. They are impatient by nature, which is why often the first to do what they want, and only then think about the consequences. Moon in Aries is the flame that drives the action. He does not tolerate things that are vague and it is unthinkable that things break in half. When you have purposed, and it must do it.

Moon in Taurus will give practical people who all his being to enjoy life. This is a very favorable setting of the Month where he emphasized compassion, generosity, a desire to help others, as well as the attachment to matter. People with the Moon in Taurus can be artists on the one hand, while on the other hand may be associated with various jobs where they work with money. These people can connect incompatible.

Moon in Gemini is eternally young and playful. Because of their playful nature, other people they are often not taken seriously. They are able to make you laugh to tears and surprise you with their insight when you least expect it. All they’re interested in, and all they wanted to know, and the greatest love their books. Often they have a problem to concentrate on just one thing. Versatility is their greatest virtue. It does not say đžabe that two heads are better than one.

Moon in Cancer, most of all empathize with other people. However, compassion can be easily reached from the natural tendency to treat others placed protectively. This applies particularly to the nearest him – the family. Moon in Cancer gives a strong relationship with the family. For it would be all done. They tend to frequent changes of mood, a major cause is the natural innate sensitivity.

Moon in Leo should be the center of attention. These people are born to be leaders. If this can not be achieved at the professional level, then it will be our home or among your friends. Egocentricity and pomposity are an integral part of the character of the people with the Moon in Leo. They want to be first in everything they do, they want to be seen and to talk about them. This is the will to power, but with power comes responsibility.

Moon in Virgo is never satisfied because everything he does he wants perfection. However, this is a very responsible person that you can rely on. They like to analyze, premeravaju why are great when it comes to reasonably perceive a situation. It’s easy to find flaws, defects whether at work or in other people, and you’re able to withstand positive reviews will give you very useful tips.

Moon in Libra is torn between personal aspirations and seeking ways to please others. These people are the most important thing in his life true peace and harmony. The talented, likes art, are very good diplomats, advisors, brokers, and may also be lawyers. The most important thing is to learn to believe in themselves and do not seek constant approval from others. Moon in Libra lives to relationships and the most important thing for them is love.

Moon in Scorpio is not the best placed. Here are present fears and phobias. People with the Moon in Scorpio as they are forced to struggle constantly. Sometimes struggle with themselves, sometimes with others, sometimes they feel like they are alone against all. However, this position is also a sign of great strength. This can also be an extremely charismatic person who can hypnotise their views. “Only the Strong Survive,” will tell the Moon in Scorpio.

Moon in Sagittarius does not have too much to bother, he knows that his natural course of things go on hand. Will never mourn themselves or to think that things in life are hopeless. On the contrary, know that everything happens for a reason and that everything has a higher purpose. How to identify people with the Moon in Sagittarius? It’s easy. The main symptoms of optimism, hope, smile, positive energy, adventurous spirit and faith in a better tomorrow.

Moon in Capricorn brings a feeling of heaviness in the soul. As there is a rock on which people constantly stumble. Often there is a sense of depression, sadness and melancholy that sometimes there are reasons. Emotions are very difficult to express. These people prefer to be alone. The only must take care of them depression, which occurs not swallow. Throw in Capricorn is extremely durable, because deep down knows that all he wants to have I had to create and therefore will always work more than others. He must learn to release things from you.

Moon in Aquarius is rebellious, eccentric and appreciate just what it was originally. The established patterns of behavior, traditions, old values ​​for these people simply unbearable. They are always pointing towards something new, and most of all are facing the man because the Moon in Aquarius all people are equal. Can not make defiance and be defiant if someone tries something that they impose or they restrict freedom. These are people who will always be there for his friends.

Moon in Pisces have to dive, because these are born sailors. The only thing remains to be seen diving disciplines. It could be diving into the world of imagination and spirituality. Moon in Pisces can be immersed in helping others to the extent that any sacrifice for the sake of others. In a negative connotation can dive on the bottom of bottles or cups and the person with the Moon in Pisces can easily Creation of addiction to intoxicating agents. Since the moon is in Pisces is extremely sensitive, easily become insecure. And when it becomes unsafe begins to hide from people, often from himself.