Mystery Solved Friday the thirteenth – this certainly did not know-and unhappy unlucky day!

Many superstitious but that day changed the bedding in order not to have nightmares, do not cut your nails, do not go on the road and do not start any work.

The largest contribution to the bad image correlation with the number 13 on Friday, giving historical facts. 13 October 1307. On Friday Philip IV, King of France, was arrested and burned at the stake almost all former Knights Templar. Two US predesnika Abraham Linkon and John F. Kennedy were killed on Friday, 13.

And the Bible story about Friday and the number 13 as something special. On the day Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, and the Great Flood began on that day also. Well-known is the story of Jesus’ 12 apostles and the Jews as a 13-tom.

It is known the belief that witches gather in the number 12, and that the 13th is reserved for the Devil.

Theorist Donald Dosej believes that the fear of the number 13 came to Norway from a myth. The 12 gods at Valhalla had a party that has come and the 13th, the uninvited guest, evil and wicked god Loki. He amused himself so that he did not Hoder, the blind god of darkness arrow hits the god of joy and gladness Balder, who died in a whole country is gripped by darkness. From that moment on Friday the 13th is considered ominous.

Fear of these figures is not negligible. Dosej claims that 80 percent of skyscrapers in the world there is no 13th floor, a large number of airports has 13 exit on the runway.

Tomas Fermsler, mathematician and scientist, believes that the number 13 only ozlograšen and that he “suffers” because it is located behind the number 12, number 12 Numerologists considered complete number, because the year has 12 months, there are 12 zodiac, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 Jesus’ apostles.

In ancient times it was Friday and Sunday, a day dedicated to rest and prayer.

Even in the business world has a superstition, but many luxury hotels do not have a room with the number 13, in some planes has 13 rows, or the number of seats. For “apokalipričnu 2012” the year it was said that the three black Friday. No 2015 does not lack this kind coinciding with the day Friday with the notorious number 13.

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