MYSTERY their second name, and have remained the most enigmatic Sign

Leave a deep mark in everyone’s life, but they are up to the end – secretive and mysterious.


Depressed and very mysterious character. Often hiding behind the mask of fun, success in jobs that require dynamic – marketing, professional driver, promoter … very jealous, impulsive and vindictive. In combination with the Taurus 100% pure passion. Prone to breaking and destruction of self and others.

With them know where you are, or think you know. When the sweetest and loveliest, do not reveal your thoughts, and the tantrums if they throw things, and often they do it, although held to self-control, you are not sure you are shown everything feel. Power, especially over himself, and then to others, their motto.

They are bigger and better commanders of the Rams and Lions, for their better understanding the human psyche, their motivation is not highlighting themselves but control of the situation for the common good, regardless of whether it’s business or family. They have a dignified attitude and are ready to sacrifice themselves for others if you are highly motivated.

They know exactly what they want and usually get it. These are women who are remembered, that leave a deep mark in everyone’s life. And if you are gentle blondes or brunettes passionate, they are still dominant – ZALUD partners so that it can not do without them. If someone thinks that they catch, followed by revenge, because the woman does not forgive Scorpio.

May suffer, but it will never show long remembered former love, but is struggling to deal with the past. Partner Scorpio woman is always weaker than her, and when a better financial situation and better known. She has a way to put that note. Do not be without it.