Mystical powers of each sign: Scorpio read people’s souls are seers Lions!

Gemini born medium, while Leo, when he held his ego may wonder to make your psychic abilities

Spiritual world access and everything else – directly! You are honest in their beliefs, but too much confidence can somehow distract your psychic development, and to enhance your arrogance, says Lovesensa.
Your specific psychic talent of: Precognition – wondering how Rams know everything before the other? Now it’s been discovered!

Going step by step in their spiritual development. Careful you are, know how to keep it from various mental attacks. Since you have a very stable and realistic, especially in the spiritual work helps innate goodness. In various spiritual disciplines gives you the advantage of your willingness to learn
Your specific psychic talent: Parapsychology – whenever you hold in your hands a physical object easier to receive all spiritual impressions from the environment.

Your love of communication is endless – you simply can not stop sharing advice to others. However, the constant churning of thought can be obstacles in developing your spiritual gift. It is very important to set yourself limits in communicating with others.
Your specific spiritual talents you were born media – easily you can talk to ghosts than with living people.

You are sensitive and careful, your fears may make a block in communication. Your compassionate nature is the positive side of your personality, you wily enough that you can recognize when someone is flirting with you.
Your specific psychic talent: Tarot – exceptionally gifted you to intuitively understand pictures and symbols.

Fully enjoy the attention of others, like the feeling you get popularity because of their psychic abilities. Your desire to help others becomes the spiritual world, and if you subdue your ego, you could create miracles.
Your specific psychic talent: You’re a psychic, and especially enjoy the contact with the great figures of the past.

You have great potential and a strong spirituality, or lack of self-confidence and ambiguous attitude towards how you can downgrade. Methodical and disciplined, very quickly overcomes all obstacles and do you get valuable knowledge.
Your specific psychic talent: Astrology – None of these hundreds of details that you are unable to synthesize into a coherent whole that man can help.

Difficult to accept the spiritual energy you receive, be afraid that you will misinterpret. Be brave and accept yourself, a lot of things that you consider sheer imagination are actually sipiritualna your door – stop denying it and enjoy yourself.
Your specific spiritual talents you were born to Tai Chi – or any other meditation in motion. With spiritual energies connect with ease and grace.

You’re a natural mystic and a source of spirituality. At strong potential and channel towards spirituality and the occult matters that are closely associated with mysticism and the unknown. You like to explore the history of these topics, and often become a fan of the spiritual world.
Your specific psychic talent: Telepathy – all want to know what others think, and some even to manipulate other people’s thoughts. You can do both.

Not sure if you believe in spiritual abilities, but accept that there is something more and beyond ovozemaljskogsveta. Sudden or dramatic incidents in your life enhancing your spiritual energy, you realize that you are more creative and more connected with this energy crisis.
Your specific psychic talent: Astral journey – you really can not go where you want, and you do not even leave your comfortable chair or bed.

The spiritual world very seriously and you irritate people who do not share your opinion. You are traditionalists at heart, you attract old rites of spiritual connectivity, while new to you is suspicion and rejection.
Your specific psychic talent: Talented you to interpret the runes – you can interpret them in a unique way.

You know that there is something beyond this world – not sure what exactly. Looking for a rational, scientific answer to spiritual phenomena, but you especially excited when he can not find. In many aspects of life functioning ahead of time, you are spiritual channel other entities.
Your specific psychic talent: You are a spiritual channel other entities – all they can to speak through your consciousness.

As a true empath, release the spiritual vibrations and sensitive you represent all the characters. You must learn to control his emotions, otherwise you will mix with the reality of spiritual energy.
Your specific psychic talent: You are psychic – naturally feel pain, emotions and mental states of other people.