NACVRCANI ASTRO: What are the signs of the zodiac when you drink?

The stars help to distinguish the members of the zodiac signs by how they behave when they drink.

If you really want to know whom the zodiac sign belongs to that guy in the corner cafe to sit glum and drinking glass after glass (of course, to our horoscope checked what was in bed) – we are here to help.

With the stars and astrology, it is becoming easier, as you do so now, we pay little secrets alkoholičarskih habits zodiac signs. Make sure these descriptions fit your behavior and – be sure to let us know!

RAM is known for being a goer. Drunken Aries will hop from person to person, checking that everyone enjoys as much as he did. If you estimate that is not enough fun, you will buy shots until you see that you are on his level. If you are in a bad mood, he is the right person you should go to a cafe on the “happy hour”.

One of the most loyal astrological signs is the BIK – he will be with you no matter what. If you need a good beacon in the night – it should call. However, beware! As soon as the video output API his stubbornness. If he does not like your plan to go, be sure that they will not succumb to pressure. Taurus is probably the worst person for a drunken argument, since it is enough calm and sober.

Twins are known for their hypocrisy (or troličnosti?). Do you know how hard it is to go out and drink with someone whose attitude can be changed in seconds? The twins do not tolerate the undecided people, it would be better to know exactly where you are going and with whom should see. Be careful when you go out with the twins because they can not keep in one place too long.

RAK is disastrous emotional. He’s the guy who sits in the middle of the floor and crying because he could not have succeeded. In any given situation, it is able to display a range of different emotions, but because of their drunkenness is not an ideal option. At one point, carried out the best in life, but the next scream at the bartender.

Provide unlimited quantities of alcohol and LAV will not shut up. He was not able to keep for themselves their own opinion, regardless of whether it is offensive. Everyone knows how people become talkative after a few shots of. Be careful if you’re trying to show Leo in his place because of his natural role is to be a leader.

Virgo is a perfectionist. You can find it at the end of the bar, alone, sipping wine after a hard day at the office. It is not the ideal partner for a drink, because it tends to keep to herself, unlike the crowds. Device as crabs and hate everything that does not reach their expectations. However, if you have an elegant night out, Virgo is a real friend to do it.

One of the best is the legend of drinking SCALE. They are the most important thing that everyone entertained. They are always calm, which is a great quality when planning to “break off”. If two friends quarrel, make sure that Libra will be able to calm the situation.

As soon as the taste of the tequila, Scorpio will start to reveal their views. They can not do anything to keep for themselves, which can be both good and bad. However, they are people who will drink with you in any situation. They try to hide their emotions, so you never have to worry about whether the Scorpio bores and cry in the middle of cafes.

Be careful when you leave the shooters, because their tongue sharp and when they are sober. Alcohol and anger are not a good mix, so be careful what you say in front of them. The more they drank notice that flirt. If you need someone to double date – call Sagittarius.

Goats are like chameleons, are perfect mates for a drink because I can adapt to any situation. They are your carefree friends, who just want to have fun. It did not matter who, what, when and where – just matters how many queries.

Be careful when you drink with Aquarius because at one point everything can be great while sipping shots, but the very next moment you do something that would lead him to madness. Aquarius rapidly changing personality, it seems to be drunk with them experience it for yourself.

FISH showing the most extreme emotions, which makes them quite interesting when they’re drunk. Pay attention to their mood because a surplus of peat can throw them over the edge. If you want to exit the spontaneously organized a drinking party, Fish should be at the top of your list because they agree with everything.