NAJLUĐI sign: Here’s what the signs say and do after sex

After each sexual pleasure like to take a nap, others to light a cigarette, while the third went immediately to the kitchen to check if there is something that a hideout. All these habits and routines somewhat to say after sex depends on the zodiac signs.

Learn what each zodiac sign and shows the love after sex:

RAM: It continues to be endears and a low, seductive voice tells you: “Let’s do it again.”

BIK: nervously, “tossing” the bed and grabs his stomach. Soon, she says “I’m hungry, give me a drink.”

GEMINI: Thoughtful but smiling and forever young. Will ask: “Are we going to play something?”

RAK: In seventh heaven. Thinking about children, weddings, great joy and a happy family. They left behind the question: “When are we going to get married?”

LAV: a shot of confidence. Followed by the inevitable question: “Was not I fantastic?”

Device: prude. Already the panic and you can hear as she commented: “I have to wash my posetljinu, this is a disaster.”

SCALE: mixed her feelings. If you ask Vagu what sex was, I’ll tell you: “If you be good to me too.”

SCORPIO: He knows everything better than you. Often you will hear from Scorpio: “Perhaps this should be a little more guidance in sex.”

SCORER: “Do not call me, I’ll call you” – get dressed and leave. Be aware that this was the last sex with him.

CAPRICORN: “Do you have a business card?” – He likes it. I’d like to repeat.

AQUARIUS: “And now let’s try without clothes.” Yes, it was a prelude …

RIBA: right to the point. When you do the “job” will ask: “What’s her name?”.

* This was a funny horoscope in accordance with the general characteristics of each sign. Did you find it?