Najšaljivija astro predictions for 2021 (astrology for 2021)

Discover the amazing things that you can expect in the coming year. Have a 2021 full of happy moments just as you feel when you read this text.


Ahead of you a flower, which means that you will abandon the current interest and get to horticulture, but you do not lie, or consult Taurus. On the emotional level there will be no major changes except that partners will disappoint your music selection. Going to follow the career of Jelena Karleusa. As for health concerns, reduce the intake of homemade quince and replace it with Jaeger, of 56 plants, one certainly helps if there are any health problems.


Will focus all their energy in solving a love quadrangle. You can not criticize your partner for mistakes made by themselves do. Why should not he / she had a lover, if you do not already have? Your expectations in the financial plan are exceeded spacecraft conditions. It is clear that you deserved trip to Cuba, but in a next life. You’ll have just enough to inject botox to the desired location.


Ideal year for rallying. Well is not that what you always wanted? Santa Claus has finally heard your wishes and you will find yourself on the line with Sebastian gutter. Make sure the health plan because of your exhibition due to the emotional field, you can start from the kidney stone.


The first half of the year will cry, and that even they will not know why. The other half is provided to laugh again, you will not know why. Partner will be angry because they’ll fire him before the wedding, but things will get better, because you will fall in love with each other. Health solidly provided to remove the coca-cola.


2021 is your year. Everyone will admire you and extend to you the red carpet. Spotlight and flashes the camera will follow you everywhere. Enjoy the glory for which you are chasing the last decade. Make sure you do not catch the paparazzi just as waxing. Health is more stable than might be expected because of turbulent nightlife.


Finally, we will ensure hygiene, because you will increase the household budget. Domestos is your only and it will make the greatest satisfaction during the year. If you do medicine, try to gently and sticking needles. They’ll follow you happiness, a partner could be smori you.


The twin who so maddening during 2020 Popić slap in mid-2021. If you play sports, take care of taking synthetic supplements. Male members, if they drive BMW, entitled drop in potency, but growth is expected in the financial field. Compensation is done.


Too much sex in 2021 may cause a health problem. Make sure you do not end up in the Department of Mental Hygiene. There is a certain probability that wallow in promiscuity. Finish college at which you behind the schedule. It can also refer to those ‘high school life’ ‘.


You are already in America? If not, why not? A green card is waiting for you. Quit your job in the company where you work because you persistently annoying boss. You will be attractive to the opposite sex, but you’ll suffer torture by the jealous partner.


What you have imagined that you are important and irreplaceable, it will show you upcoming years. Domineering attitude to promote your partner, because if you relax a friends. Start, if not to read the Bible, especially pay attention to the 7 deadly sins.


The sensational discovery will make you Tesla 21st century. Pristizaće you great deals from various parts of the world. For you to decide how much will be sold. You can expect a challenging period in 2015 does not allow Serbian patent belong to the Illuminati.


Wait until ” lekalizuju ” marijuana, and then relax, otherwise the beginning of the year, you can have problems with the authorities. The traffic Take special care to pass on a strictly green light. Ahead of you house arrest.