Narciso sign: Three characters who love only themselves, were arrogant and ALL GO TO ŽIVCE

The main feature of their selfishness, a recognizable and a huge dose of self-love.


The first sign of the zodiac, as the most ardent, has many virtues but also a huge flaw that bothers almost everyone, and this is narcissism. While it is good and healthy to love ourselves, the members of this sign often exaggerate it, and go so far as to see themselves as winners, smart, beautiful and the most special person in the world. In addition to them it can cost on the level of friendship, one can go wrong and in love.


Scales are considered one of the most superficial characters. As the great aesthetes, they love beautiful things and beautiful people, and we can say that both view the world, al ii yourself. They love to attract the attention of others and expect special treatment. Members of this sign often talk about their successes, and often overdo it. It does not matter if you have done as well as she did, Libra will tell you that she did it better.


Fiery Lions are known for their self-centeredness and it seems they do not even try to hide from others. They are sincerely admire themselves, they love to be the center of attention and often know best. How many Leos love to have a good reputation in the society is the fact that they agreed like to do something for others just to talk about them very much.