Natal position of Mars in the fish-What does the Mars, the planet of energy? (Astrology)

Natal position of Mars in fish puts emphasis on emotions. This is not a good position march because if we know that mars element fire fish a water problem, we have to be “expressed” – or the fire is extinguished or boiling water, because there is excessive sensitivity and sensibility. This is not a real male mars on the contrary, he has no self-confidence and determination already falling under the influence of emotions. He does not oppose openly or enters the action, but rather in secrecy and isolation renewed energy consumption and waiting for a rush of emotions that inspire him-stimulate to action. Jobs that by definition seek subtlety, intuition, sensitivity and detachment (secret) are welcome in the life of people with Mars in the sign of the fish so that they can easily be found in art and express their creativity. Well im lying and psychology and general research. This position of Mars gives preference secrets, secret relationships, criminal activity, preference vices. Sex is for this mars emotional experience, stressed the need for physical contact based on a strong sense of fusion and exchange of energy. It was emphasized mystical attraction to another person without finding no conscious reason for this is still a deep intuitive sense of magnetism.

While transit takes effect march in fish, we will be more inclined to retreat into solitude, more needed to be quiet and we often will “recharge batteries” – never enough sleep. Energy will oscillate us, we will often change the direction of interest, the harder it will be to focus and be less secure in yourself. At work, we can make mistakes, have disagreements with our colleagues, we will be more inclined to passive aggression, we will have to change the sick colleague, and we will feel lonelier than usual. The good side of this march that we can use for the duration of its effect as creativity, imagination, emotivnost- helping others, humanitarian work, advocating for the rights of vulnerable. Energy is here directed towards the emotions and ideals. Enjoy the acting, painting, dance, music, exploration of the human psyche.

We begin to wake from sleep because the fish transit Mars enters Aries. Mars in Aries is on his own, came up with the red pervasive and aggressive energy! We will feel the dynamics of this march, we will be bolder, more decisive in their actions, faster! But we have to keep explosive temper, impatience and impulsiveness. We often enter into discussions, consider that we are right (the only problem is that this is the other side to think about yourself, so that’s an argument), we have to make sure that the dose of egoism in yourself calm down because we will not accept a subordinate position. Sexual appetites we will grow, we will be willing to passion and seduction. Ego will confirm in sexual relationships and the expression of sexual energy will be a physical need. Mars in this position indicates that we will be willing to take certain risks in order to more quickly achieve their set goals. We will feel a strong potential for the realization of the business plan and we will complete what we started in due time.