Neptune – the planet that awaits us when we left, relaxed …..

Neptune – the planet that awaits us when we left, relaxed, when we forget that we have forgotten, when not, when we are on vacation but still somewhere above the deep blue sea, and even better ocean. It is interesting that people often, or very often when you fall into Neptune’s atmosphere have intense dreams. These dreams can be frightening, because we do not know how good he directed only they knew how to release the brakes, drop their guard, break the rigid ego. And who does not know how to direct? Directing the handling by archetypes, unconscious by thumbnail, according to infinity and associative imagination liberated mind. No limits exist, and they are in the Neptune, the gang poke. Have we robbed a newsstand or library, that is, any that our bag carries the treasures and secrets that we picked up over a lifetime, all the information, images, empirically or through imaginary imprinted as experienced (although perhaps only read) determine the reach of each of us as director and even in dreams. From the director of Neptune each and every writer, every photographer is because there are moments we also stole for themselves that they are remembered. Only interesting, often makes us to remember and something that we would not, and we forget what the mind thinks should remember. People who have a photographic (or eidetic) memory often expressed Neptune in the horoscope, like those who successfully “forget” have Pluto – in charge of suppression, denial, deleting files, burn after reading …

Hipersenzibilnost that Neptune gives us the double-edged sword. Divan gift skills that may not be strictly artistic, even though we are somehow on that first draws you think. In the film, music, painting and so on … Neptune is outstanding and in other calls, skills, Nadi Hakim – a famous surgeon who was until now done over two thousand kidney transplantation has impeccable trine Venus from Pisces Neptune in Scorpio. Otherwise Aries. This sensibility, sense of subtlest nuances, perfectionism in this trine not only music and dance, it’s hearing the quiet, graceful fingers and almost magical touch, skill. Of course they Neptun fingers, but Neptune is actually a vast network spanning us that lower impulses, sensors, information, it is this chemistry that so often mentioned in love, it is the stimulus that we used to be reconnected, but we know, many stimulants give a false, illusory connection and disconnection actually. But there is no doubt, if DRMNO one in a bar or a dejt troop will relax or raspričati … However, Neptune is not only a lie, betrayal, theft and the like. The fact that we live in a world that looks like it has long been sold, issued, misused just now easily obtain this information, and we do not mean that we will only get bad Neptune. But if you hack into a bank account that is Neptune and if your partner cheated, as is the Neptune. Every disappointment, everything that happens to us and we do not know, behind my back, which is unknown to us, secret, hidden from us. And so, Neptune we are when we start the spouse’s fidelity to doubt, however, staging, and stalkujemo … But Neptune is magical touch, and the doctor who treated, and anyone who gives back faith, Neptune was sense of relief, Neptune is not understood – Neptune feels, can confuse the most common that we shuddered, windows, carry, lead either ecstasy or trance, or Neptune in nature is God those deepest water and mythological Neptune (Poseidon), and it the outside world not much interested . Over one that occurs deep within us.

That’s why, when you go to the sea – and now Neptune in Pisces for quite a long time, and will be here in the coming years, when you next high water, or somewhere close to dense forests, where everything looks like Tolkinovske landscapes (which he was the MC in trine ruler Saturn), or, you know when they themselves are returning home from the town or leave for work, or at the crack of dawn when day and night are mixed and a bluish haze where everything is sort of like a mirage and you are occupied with all page, or you’re in your home dedicated to a work that builds slowly, because you from the beginning makes you wander to the losses, change everything so as to start from the beginning, and things do not just go deeper, new layers are revealed, new interior views (with eyes closed) open, or you’re in your bed and in a trance bewitched you until the movie is lower in the head, imagination flourishes, images carried by high waves emerge one, second, third …. but you should get up and finish something, or to put lunch, or go to the store, or a just a little more of this imagology that is there from when we were here and that we were centuries quietly, subtly, closely sneaking it does not turn accidentally attention, did everything believing (believers are quite another matter and categories here irrelevant). But we’re trusting because those secrets that are happening to us are sometimes too strong, and those dreams … but dreams are just one metatajna and running all these stories that we hear the half-open mouth because he did not care that we do not believe we forgot how we believe. E all when so go away or whatever – take us water that we connect with them, because we have endured with much connection with others forgot the greatest wealth that exists, and is called inner life.

Just as there are directors and there are poems and there are works of art through which is not freely permitted any discussion, as there are those moments in which freedom is not allowed us any interruption to us from that state in which we are drawn, because we went through, that we were in what we do, or watch a movie, listen to the song, thinking, dreaming … but if this interruption occurs, even if it was the most banal “Want some coffee?” It looks like as if someone was rude and quite casually pulled off the stylus from the first to the third song without lifting your hands.

A substance that dream, especially when you relax, come from the depths where they Neptune sends masked, disguised, costumed. Sometimes, I said at the beginning, they can scare us, but sometimes they can also fascinate us in the best possible way. Pay attention in the coming period on your dreams, which in the next period they can tell us a secret. Or, let me rephrase that – help us to solve some personal secret. Something we did not know about yourself, something that is missing, that one piece of this puzzle, the picture to be satisfied over a artist. Mars trine Neptune, an aspect that unmistakable aim at a target, which is now, and some maybe just a few more days – a secret. She’s the same secret for which we connect with others, will visit various schools and courses we would not touch it, would not we accidentally slipped from the lips on some coffee. The secret of our strength lens. Our vitality. Which leads us even when we seem to wander and you’re blind. In fact, it most.

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