Never IM IN BLOOD: If you are having fun with this zodiac sign, expect to be a scam

He’s not cheating because of lust, but only if the bad relationship that does not make him happy.

Judging by the results of recent research, the absolute champion of the storm – Sagittarius. Many were surprised because this Scorers a reputation as a very loyal and faithful partners.

Perhaps precisely because their motives for adultery never sloppy. Research has shown that the shooter is not cheating because of passion, but only if the bad relationship that does not make him happy.

Interestingly, the passionate Scorpio to the results of the last place on the scale of adulterers. In fact, they “arrive” to deceive their partners because they are more likely to leave suddenly because of a potential new love that you immediately want to realize.

Why stellation cheating?

He is very loyal and often he was the one cheating, but when he feels that it is not respected and it is completely ignored in this connection, out of anger begins to think about whether there is someone better for him.

Time itself paves the way for the storm.

How prepznati that Sagittarius is cheating?

Otherwise it is very poised and ready to engage in constructive debate, but after he committed adultery with him you may notice increased “interest” in conflicts and arguments which lead nowhere. In this way manifests a sense of guilt that he possesses because of unbelief.