NEVER KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT SHOES? Find out which model is ideal for your zodiac sign

Good shoes are primarily a fashion accessory, but can be detected and a part of our personality. Especially if they are selected in accordance with the characteristics of zodiac signs. Have fun and check below what would have been the perfect shoes for each character!

1. RAM – loafers

Enterprising women born under this sign, skilled in multitasking, always on the go. Therefore, they need a comfortable and practical footwear that they will not interfere with the completion of various obligations. In the category of footwear comfortable shoes definitely fall, and with them the classic models of shoes with flat soles such as “oxfords,” or moccasins.

2. BIK – beige pumps

Women born under the sign of Taurus usually prefer a very simple shoes that will easily fit into most combination, without decorative applications and in neutral colors. For them, a great selection of beige pumps.

3. Gemini – neutral model with effective details

Gemini fit best shoes that reveal both sides of their interesting and complex personality, like black ankle decorated with multicolored fur.

4. RAK – velvet ankle boots

Gentle just like the owner, soft velvet ankle emphasize the romantic line every woman in Cancer. Models in pastel colors are the ideal choice.

5. LAV – all the shoes that have a “personality”

No Lavice shoes that do not know they carry. Specialty their designs in bold colors or details that other women would not dare to wear, like a stiletto in fluorescent pink.

6. Device – classic black court shoes

Women born under the sign of Virgo are generally disregard trends and the faithful are classic models of shoes. In their wardrobe certainly has room for plain black pumps. Of course, great skin, not to the ground because they are much harder to maintain, a practical Virgo does not suit.

7. SCALE – sandals or slippers heeled

Indecisive Libra that they can not assess whether they are in the mood for a “serious” or casual shoe model, the dilemma will be solved sandals or shoes with heels. On the one hand can function as a daily shoe, and will easily fit in the evening editions. Stable block heel is great for all scales of the expected balance and thus of footwear.

8. Scorpio – shoes with animal pattern

Skorpionka like to emphasize the innate sensuality that further evident choosing shoes with bold patterned animal like snake or leopard.

9. SCORER – comfortable sandals

Women born under the sign of Sagittarius are true adventurer, always ready for a new adventure. In such a lifestyle will best fit comfortable shoes in which you feel free and uninhibited.

10. CAPRICORN – ballet

Just like women in Aries, Jarčići always rushing from one place to another. The fastest and agile will be – ballet.

11 Aquarius – metallic ankle boots

Could not stand the boredom in your life but not so in her wardrobe. Therefore, the ideal for you exciting metallic ankle boots that instantly became the star of every outfits.

12. RIBA – lady’s shoes

Model with a kitten heel or a small block heel, non-standard textured or decorated with striking details is a great choice for creative Fish whose shoes look like real artwork.