New Moon in Capricorn -MERKUR in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio

The new moon this time going in Capricorn and to the 26 level, which some numerologists add up, considering that it is a symbolism of the number 8. But let’s go on …

New Moon is a period red moon, the period when the symbolism into ourselves in order to better understand their own emotions and the goals to which we aspire. This is a period of reflection, because only then can we set quality objectives, which have a purpose and are especially practical.

The concept here is extremely practical emphasized, because as Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, and for him it is all about order, discipline and what benefits. This would mean that we will use reflection to get out of it ready for new challenges and with pre-designed plan. However, as a sign of Pisces dominated by the planet Saturn, with him everything is seen through the compulsion of duty, let us get some things may seem boring and uncreative, but at this time of the New Moon realistically achievable.

The symbolism of the number 8
How to level 26 in the sum gives the number 8 in numerology, the number eight is an indicator of money, power and help that comes from other people. People eights have a great business intuition, teaming up with the right people at the right time. Symbol eights and Capricorn bring the need for a stable business and financial plans, and how the new moon and the announcement of the beginning of everything that comes, then it is definitely a good time to start a business or change old job.

The very symbolism of the Moon in Capricorn speaks of stable emotions, to control and do not allow to come to the surface. People with the Moon in Capricorn is emotional discipline is extremely important for mental health, because when you have no control over them, are able to completely lose their security compass, which are more susceptible to depression and various other anxiety conditions.

At the same time, this is the month that is the best feeling when you have obligations when working and creating, because for these people matter surest indication that they are on the right track and actually do something useful. All this information support the fact that we are making steady and more than necessary because it prevents us from boredom converted into despair and suffering, as a Virgo knows how to do.

The time is right to …
The time is right to break with old habits, difficult people, and generally all clear what we do now allocating confusion. In addition to the sun and the moon and we have Venus in Capricorn, which also focus on the usual habits and commitments. Venus in Capricorn loves to work, loves to love at work, he likes obligations likes to plan, sigiurnost loves, loves the matter. This does not mean that the mercenary, but to feel worthy and accepted when created and when it is able to see the product of their creativity.

People with many planets in Capricorn are motivated by the ultimate goal, money, stability, comfort, however, on the way to it decreases their motivation, but at a constant seesaw between desire and compulsion, between ambition and purpose. Capricorn itself as an earth sign is extremely wise and often with an innate sense of organization and order, but to really talk about it, are required and other factors.

What is clear to these people that seem practical, realistic and reassuring his practical attitude. How and Venus in Capricorn, and at the time of the New Moon on the 28th degree of Capricorn, which boils down to a single digit number 1, this is another indication of why we have such a strong influence of energy.

The symbolism of the number 1
The unit is in fact a symbol of the sun and represents the strength, leadership position, often hastiness, rashness and stubbornness. Luckily, running into unnecessary energy is now locked and the sign of Capricorn, or stubbornness, selfishness and even self-pity is something you can also follow us in the days of the New Moon energy. Do not forget that the moon is in Capricorn at a disadvantage for themselves and to work trying to solve emotional problems. This period is good for business, but on the emotional level brings emotional storm and the need for evidence of love and belonging.

This further enhances and Venus in Capricorn who likes the evidence of love, attention and adoration. Although she herself often can be very cold, proud and withdrawn in emotional relationships. These days solving and emotional problems, trying to put an end to the old love, old habits and old patterns of behavior. After all, soon to welcome and Venus in Aquarius announces that a completely new story and a different profile of people who will make us attractive.

Until then, we remain with his thoughts and plans Jarčevska style, disciplined, balanced, little soldier, but with style. At the time of the events we will have a new moon of Saturn in the third degree of Capricorn and Mercury in the eighth degree, which only reinforces the need for structures and systems.

Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio

Mercury in Capricorn indicates a sharp mind who is not bothered by unimportant things. Mercury in Capricorn is logical, look at all the cause and effect, and does not go further than that, but we and this attitude helps to finally decide in which direction we are going in the future. Moon in Capricorn perfectly square to Uranus in Aries, but gets help from Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, which marks the beginning of actions that are caused by stress and the need for independence, rebellion and running away from a template.

So, running, doing something in their own way, transform the current viewing angle, but do it gradually and weighed. Saturn brings support all the time that has been started at the time of the New Moon in Capricorn. Sext support that comes from Mars and Jupiter makes things more interesting by adding a moment of intuition and deeper insight in both themselves and the environment.

This reinforces the need to risk it and finally let go of your fears, because Mars in Scorpio is brave and what’s more, the courage proves challenges. What is more difficult, it is this Mars bolder. Translated into the language of the new moon, we will not interfere with obstacles to achieve what we have set, challenges us to further raise the awareness that what we started really is good for us.

South Node in Aquarius is about the collective vibration cleaning and lifting to a higher level, so any change at the individual level and reflect the collective. And it will be felt in the future. Depending on where the field is going on a new moon in this field will experience changes. Depending on your ascendant, the new moon will take the field provided.

Only future events for each ascendant represents only guidelines, this is not the final interpretation and is subject to change at the individual level

Aries ascendant

odznak Aries will experience this month in a field of work, but most changes are expected in this area. Whether it’s a job change or adoption of some important business decisions, and even take the leading position. How is Mars in Scorpio and in a nice relationship with the Moon, chances are the situation will be more than good for these people.

Taurus ascendant

Ascendant Taurus will experience change in higher education, beliefs and attitudes that lead, field trips, and religion. New moon brings a need to redefine their views on education, life and other people.

This Month certainly bring some change in the university or the adoption of important decisions in this area. Some will also bring preisptivanje attitudes, is it really the right choice. Others will turn to feel the need to release old fears and beliefs that no longer serve them.

Gemini ascendant

Gemini rising will feel the new moon in the field fears, unconscious, field losses, and finance, insurance and funds coming from other people. This is Gemini call for serious and rational approach.

No more fun and entertainment, we need to sit down and work, and to the other. New Moon brings esoteric moment, interest in new techniques to understand the motives and intentions of others. There is a need to try a different approach with the partner and other people.

Ascendant Cancer

Cancer ascendant to the Moon experience in the field of partnerships, and with them the need to be more practical and purposeful way to connect with others, and with a partner.

This will set many cancers marital relationship and relationships in the foreground, the focus will be on the redefinition of the actual value compared with a loved one. Crabs far harder to love the practical and sustainable relationship that brings them peace and security.

Leo ascendant

Leo ascendant impact will the New Moon experience in the field of health, relationships with colleagues and field duties, habits and routines. Finally, people with Leo Ascendant will want to discontinue low quality lifestyle or routine that they do not yield good results. Changes in diet and move on dijetalniji lifestyle can be a good start for any other changes in this area.

Ascendant Virgo

Ascendant Virgo new moon experiences in the field of love and flirtation, projects, entertainment and children. Make decisions and changes in emotional relationships, motivating people this podznaka to finally show their emotions in a practical and visible way, without much quibbling and analysis.

Easily manifest the idea that these people seem pleasant for socializing and dating. It is also a good period for family planning or thinking in the direction of unity and cooperation.

Libra ascendant

Libra rising to the moon experience in the field of family as the center of the story puts the developments within the home and relationships with loved ones. The changes can range from renovating the home, pending a new decision with regard to the behavior of other members.

The tension is still there, but as a sign of Libra diplomacy and harmony, from the need for peace, taking the basic steps of assertiveness and conflict avoidance. It is time to call things their real name, so the people of this podznaka download the necessary initiative.

Scorpio ascendant

Scorpio ascendant decisions about paperwork and contracts. How did Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio, this further encourages people to this podznaka prepared and organized to enter into a new business. Many will go to the well-known “sense” in connection with work.

Now it will be supported by the time any decision regarding travel, education, language, administration, communications, computers and the like. Strong desire and steady focus, with the consistency of actions leading to the result of what you envision.

Sagittarius ascendant

odznak Sagittarius this situation Month redefine their values ​​and life principles. Self-confidence is a little shaken, but still it is enough to start any private business. Maybe it had to come to minor changes and changes in the original business idea. If you do not lead the ego, this problem will be successfully solved.

Staying many planets in your second field is about more organized secured in money and finances in general. There was a time when to be serious and rational to spend money or invest in something that is truly sustainable and meaningful.

Capricorn ascendant

Ascendant Capricorn will experience changes in terms of vitality and temperament. The release things that no longer serve brings a tremendous amount of new energy, which is constructive and driving. This rising Capricorn brings its leading position and new ideas, which welcomes and carries out successfully delegated to others.

Changes are taking place both internally and externally. For example, compared with partners of this person will have more confidence. Now logic rules the heart, which corresponds to the start of Capricorn.

Aquarius ascendant

People who are rising Aquarians have a need for solitude, avoiding others and work on it. Stay a large number of planets in their 12 field makes them nervous, a lot of the burden and pressure. This is their time of release of people who have wronged them.

This is the time to filter relationships with others with an attempt to social interaction to a new meaning and purpose. People with this Ascendant have a need to materialize afraid to face the unpleasant emotions and finally abandon their excessive expectations of the closest.

Pisces ascendant

Pisces ascendant but with the entry of Saturn in Capricorn can breathe with full lungs. Stay Saturn in Sagittarius is certainly marked the half year period, and the sign of Aries and rising, it is time for a break. A lot of frustration, tension and realistic physical barriers has led to a fear of failure and uncertainty. Now the blockade otupšta most fish can return to their lives, but now with a greater amount of responsibility and obligations.

Of course, that they will not fall hard, because Saturn encourages creative energy of the sun and increases vitality, will and courage. The new moon will occur in the field aspirations, will, hope, ideas, and friends, and will support the realization of the ideas come from the people who know us best. This Month brings new progressive people, who love, understand and support our attitudes and values.