NEWS, CULTURE OR EROT’KA BA: Internet horopskopskih life characters

Internet has become an integral part of life, so learn how astrology affects the selection of sites that we like to visit.


Aries will look for video on the Internet with exercise – why pay periods in the gym when you can practice with Kušće. Rams interested and sites that publish articles about healthy living, organic food. But it is a sign that is the least of all the other reserves on the Internet. Rams prefer “living thing”.


Bulls use the Internet to informušu where and when exhibitions, concerts, theater performances. Also, as a practical person, and use the Internet for business, especially for new business ideas. Given that love to cook, among the favorite sites are those with new and interesting recipes.


Gemini on the Internet mainly to read news, look for some answers and infortmacije job or preparing for the exam. After all be relaxed to retell others that dominate the society. I read about the technique, mobile phones, but their day generally passed to correspondence with friends.


Crabs mainly looking for some sites for decorating the house for antique furniture. Women following sites dealing with family, pregnancy, diet. For them, the Internet is a great way to find recipes for dishes that will propremiti for Sunday lunch. Psychology and psychotherapy are also topics of interest to them.


Lions prefer sites on economics and marketing, but when you are resting, then watch jewelry, play games. Sports sites are takiođše, their selection, any content that has to do with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, writes They love to travel, but they were also themes in this respect interesting, especially sites that publish photographs of the sea, beach and sun. They do not like dark themes, because it burdens.


If someone visits the topics of health, hygiene, and pets, to the Virgin. Tips for easier cleaning the house, on the organization of the day, online planners, is what they are most interested in. Device and prefer to read books on the Internet, but they still favorite so-called “do it yourself” websites.


Scales on the net exploring the beauty, art and fashion. Listening to music and watching movies on the Internet their main entertainment. To them it is a dire necessity. Music and beauty must constantly surround them. Recipes for some interesting dishes are also important because they are among the favorite chefs online sites.


No, not only that of Scorpio visit websites with erotic content, but excels at it. Explore also the topics of health, psychology, paranormal activities and alternative medicine.


Shooters all interested. There is no area that is not interesting to them. But they still give priority to entertainment sites, listening to music, as well as amenities that have to do with travel. They love to read sites that are not in their native language, and do not miss content related to sports, and new books.


Capricorns usually explore topics related to their profession, for the work they do. They love classic things, practical sites, “do it yourself” content, everything that has life can improve. But they do not like a long time to be on the Internet, using the contact with the people they care about, and live far away. Business e-mails to them the most important item.


Aquarians prefer most of all online “life”, because they believe that the Internet can find all they care about. Serves them to be in touch with the people they care about, but also to improve their knowledge in various fields.


Fish like to explore a variety of sites. As of dream interpretation, astrology, paranormal activities, art and poetry. Fish are like shooters – scrapbook, all of them interested. Online watching series and movies their favorite pastime. A lot of time they can spend on the forums.