No zamerajte them, expensive PAY! Born under this sign are the biggest grudge, always ready to revenge

The biggest drawback of their vindictiveness … He will seek the greatest weakness and hit you where it hurts the most.

Have you ever wondered who the Zodiac sign is the most holy? Who simply do not bother to blame?

It is – Scorpio!

Škorpje often leave a picture of cold and indifferent person, but this is only the armor that others have to break through to come up with their friends.

Nevertheless, they are one of the best friends a man can want. They need ntko who will understand them, and to be honest as they are themselves.

An unprecedented self-discipline govern their behavior. With them, one should not enter into fierce conflicts, because the nastiest enemies. They are intelligent, very courageous and vengeful. A long time will remember the offense, but how are extremely intuitive, quick to sense your “Achilles heel” and fight back when you are the weakest!

The nature of people born under the sign of Scorpio is full of contradictions, the source is unquenchable fighting passions and feelings. Although Scorpio detective sniffing around other people’s “secret places”, I have more secrets than anyone else.

Its most distinctive feature is the restraint that people born under this sign seems a bit mysterious. Never allow to penetrate into his most intimate and most hidden sphere, and their vulnerabilities successfully hidden from others.

What he in many cases favors the strong and deep intuition that allows him to separate truth from falsehood, and good and evil.