Nobody is perfect! These are the BIGGEST Complex of each zodiac sign

Stressful moments of disappointment and are triggers for insecurity. Virgo and Gemini crave for others to accept and prices, and Cancer, Libra and Aquarius love them.

Aries greatest fear is dependence on others

Members of this sign are at first sight very independent and confident, but their attitude is often camouflage. In fact, they are afraid that they do not depend on others because they dictate the mood. From the people close to them need support and attention, or become depressed or insecure. Then take on characteristics of “negative balance” – the uncertainty, indecision, passivity, extreme tiredness and frustration.

Taurus fears of insecurity

Whether in love, finance or in business terms, the biggest inner fear of members of this sign is uncertainty and a sense that they do not control the situation. So they will need a lot in relationships to gain the trust of the partners and the loss of a sense that they are the ones who may prefer more. If you feel bad, take on the characteristics of “negative Scorpio” – possessiveness, anger, vindictiveness.

Gemini fear they are not good enough

As much as communicative and expressive, members of this sign are aware that they have changeable mood and are pretty complicated. While around a larger number of people with whom they agree, they secretly suspect that if the environment they love and accept for what they are, or what you gain from this relationship. In crisis situations, take on the characteristics of “negative Scorers” – do not want to listen to other people’s explanations, their heads in the clouds and become sarcastic.

Cancer fears underestimation

Members of this sign are quite sensitive to how important they are to others. Their insecurity comes out in situations where they feel neglected, unloved, or if polling that they have done as it should. Then take on the characteristics of the “negative Capricorn” – are becoming pessimistic, withdrawn into themselves and feel sorry for yourself.

Leo fears that you will stop loving him

Loss of office and public humiliation of the situation in which the members of this sign to show their weaknesses. If you ignore their needs and desires, to light the interior of their uncertainty – that neighbor does not mean as much as they think they should. Then take on the characteristics of “negative Aquarius” – sarcasm, withdrawn and escaping from those who hurt him.

Virgo is afraid of the other “break”

Members of this sign are used to wear a mask cruelty, which hardly anyone can break, or the one they used to hide internal insecurity. Their primary complex that is not so good, hardworking, capable and charming as people perceive them, so feel constant pressure to maintain a good impression. In stressful situations, take on the characteristics of “negative Fish” – are payable, emotional, destructive and hysterical.

Scales fear of gossip

Members of this sign their social reputation is very important, and the biggest uncertainty they represent the idea that others are talking bad about them, talking endlessly about their faults or misinterpret their actions. They are afraid that they will be rejected because of the other and have a lack of confidence in how much they mean to others. In stressful situations, take on the characteristics of “negative Rams” – became aggressive, shouting, arguing.

Scorpio has a need to “drop wise”

Members of this sign have much more complex, but it is often accompanied by an uncertainty – and that is that they do not perceive as smart or capable enough. If they feel exposed or vulnerable, they think it could use other and gain an advantage over them. In such situations, take on the characteristics of “negative Running of the Bulls” – they become sarcastic and passive.

Sagittarius is the fear that you will not forget it

Although acting unambitious, philosophically minded members of this sign have a great need to appeal to people. The important thing to them is that they all have good memories, and all the reviews on your account realize very personal. If you do not receive praise for their work or behavior, appears inferiority complex. Then take on the characteristics of “negative Twins” – are becoming sloppy, mostly incoherent, agitated and very unpleasant in communication.

Capricorn is afraid of letting go

Members of this sign are very insecure and distrustful when it comes to emotions. They are not up to other people’s games and afraid that someone indicate their confidence and feelings, not to remain sidelined. That’s why acting coolness, or in stressful situations this vulnerability comes into play. Then take on the characteristics of “negative Crab” – the moody, possessive, jealous and very emotional.

Aquarius conceals a lack of confidence

While acting as if they were thinking environment does not affect too much, members of this sign often hide a lack of confidence. However, since they do not want to merge with the masses but want to remain individuals, acting as they do not touch other convictions. At the same time they fear that they will be the people to whom they care, easy to replace. In stressful situations, take on the characteristics of “negative Lions” – they do not want to listen to, run away from debate and pay a height.

Fish fear of “taking for granted”

Members of this sign are usually not unsafe, just think too much about human relationships. One of the biggest fears is that they will realize that other “for granted”. Exhausted care about others, tired and disappointed, Fish will take the stress characteristics of the “negative balance” and become critical, cold, perfectionist and does not choose words that will hurt others.