North Andromeda constellation in the horoscope-astrological influence of the constellation Andromeda!

Northern constellation Andromeda (Chained girl / woman) is an Ethiopian princess – daughter of King Cepheus (Cepheus) and Queen Cassiopeia, which later became the wife of the famous hero Perseus.

Myth: Andromeda, Perseus Ethiopian princess and wife
Greeks and later the Romans, the whole land that spread in Africa south of Egypt called Ethiopia. Ethiopia was the extreme south of the country.

Cassiopeia was very beautiful, but also proud and boastful. So once offended Nereids, Mediterranean sea nymphs. She said that she and her daughter Andromeda best in the world, more beautiful than the Nereids. Outraged, the Nereids complained to his father, the God of the sea Poseidon (Neptune).

Angry god Poseidon (Neptune) sent a sea monster Cetus (whale, sea monster) that has ravaged the kingdom Kefejevo that devours people and their flocks. Every fight against him was futile. Cepheus turned to Zeus (Jupiter), the prophet Amos. He was told that he had to bring his daughter Andromeda as a sacrifice to Cetus (in some versions mentioned Poseidon).

The people, having learned of the response made to Cepheus, Andromeda nailed to a rock by the sea. Thus, the Andromeda became the innocent victim of the arrogance of her mother, she found herself chained to a rock, left at the mercy of Cetus.

When she approached the monster, appeared brave hero Perseus on Pegasus. I saved the previously gotten a promise to her parents that he would get his wife.

Wedding party was interrupted by Andromeda’s fiance Fimej, Kefejev cousin who accused Perseus stole his bride and his army attacked a wedding party. Perseus using Medusa’s head (..) all Fimejevu army turned to stone.

In the second version mentions that the queen opposed the marriage and that she called Fimeja to terminate the marriage and that she had turned to stone.

Shortly after the wedding, they left Ethiopia. Their firstborn son, Peres, has created a naroz known as Persians. Their great-grandson of the daughter Herkul.Njihova Gorgofona ( “Father’s Daughter”) is known as the first woman to becoming a widow re-marriage.

Andromeda among the stars play Athens to immortalize the Perseus courage ..

astrological influence of the constellation Andromeda (Chained girl / woman):
After Ptolemy impact of this constellation is similar to the influence of Venus, although the legend could also notes the relationship with the Virgin. People born under its influence, Andromeda gives purity of thought, morality, honor and dignity, or cause wrestling with imaginary fears and vulnerability slight discouragement.

Importantly fixed stars in the constellation Andromeda (Chained girl / woman):