North Node in Aries and Libra in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Aries, and the southern Vagi.Ove people are mostly oriented to the emotional connection and bonding with others. Tactical are focused on social and teamwork. They feel most comfortable when they can not rely on others when they can work together. Not before their deep emotions and usually try not to show their anger and aggression.

They find that any kind of pressure and noise socially unacceptable and undesirable, and will strive to make your emotions under control. As the North Node in Aries, these people your image and internal identity must build through self-initiative and personal efforts without relying on other people, especially partners.

They need to run their own will and plans to learn how to express anger and aggression, and it is socially acceptable to more risk and allow themselves to be used to impulsive, hasty and dominant. These people have a great need to be leaders, to react and to fight for others, not possible for those who have no right to speak for themselves. However, as long as the desire to maintain balance and harmony, people will not want to react differently from how it used to.