North Node in Cancer and Capricorn in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Cancer, a Southern in Jarcu.Ovi people are careful and diligent, usually more mature than their peers. A lot of work, and very ambitious as they are important to have structure, order and responsibility. It is best to cope when you have a certain routine and when you get out of the comfort zone. However, if you exit the security means success, then they will not be difficult to deal with their fears. Show ambition in everything, whether it is a partnership at stake, work or sport. These people are accustomed to give yourself the maximum in everything and expect the same.

They like organization and convenience. Past life returns need for material security, and their purpose is in this life to come together and understand everything that is symbolic of Cancer, therefore, families, children and the general concept of empathy. These people are on a seesaw between work and emotions, often neglected partner or your parents, because they are too focused on success.

The biggest fear is that they do not lose acquired and to people who love not behave responsibly. It is necessary to develop an understanding of care and to learn how to forgive people close. They may happen to be too serious, worried, reserved and cynical, especially when their plans do not go in the desired direction. Emphasized the father figure and authority while these people may have a problem with the expression and understanding of female energy.