North Node in Capricorn and Cancer in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Capricorn and the southern Raku.U this combination of nodes the focus is too much emotion, vulnerability and sensitivity. A person is too much attached to the family and its karma is related to the female line. Past lives can bring unresolved relationship with his father, withdrawal, changing mood and excessive dependence on other people. This person does not like rigidity, abstraction, intense emotions and emotional distance.

They may have problems with nutrition and overeating, especially under stress, problems are not exclusive to the stomach and digestion. Im going to be tough emotions stored in the chest and stomach, and often have certain symptoms or pain in that area. The mother may be too focused on them creating their dependence and attachment to the family, which in later years brings problems with the opposite sex.

Their aim is to become more consistent in what they do. To learn how to ensure the safety of others, and not to seek it, and learn to rely on yourself, not on others. They need to develop self-confidence, assertiveness skills and organization. Control, discipline, clear and methodical frameworks are what you should strive.