North Node in Gemini and Sagittarius in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Gemini and in southern Strelcu.Kombinacija contrasts with everyday life and ideals. These people from the past life yields a strong vitality, awareness of life and honesty. Are naturally optimistic and travel frequently. Can be stuck in some ideals about life, trying to just search for them instead of yourself do something about it. They lack practicality. They often have more desire and a little time or energy to exercise them.

Can not be too enthusiastic and principled to the extent that bounce off of yourself dear people. They lack the ability to adapt skills and exchange ideas to others. They are often obsessed with the details of trying to overly criticize their environment for things which are not true. They have a constant need for exploration and adventure. Their thoughts can be so abstract that they often do not know how to define what they want.

Their purpose is to connect with others and to learn through it. Many people can opt for tourism or study a language, because it allows for training and travel, may choose to work in the education system or to deal with some research. Very often opt to explore the fields of communication and philosophy, as expressed through their nature nodes.