North Node in Leo and Aquarius in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Leo, in a southern Vodoliji.Osa Leo-Aquarius talk about opposites of human freedom and the need of belonging to a group. These people need to be part of a community that shares similar interests. Can often be cold and emotionally reserved. They have a problem with expressing and showing deep emotion and logic generally considered to be more practical in relationships. Usually they are strongly oriented towards a certain goal and transmitting some messages to the community.

They want to leave a mark that will serve future generations. These people have been in previous lives were part of the community, and now they get a chance to become independent, to openly show their creativity, dramatic ability and spontaneity.

However, every North Node in Leo needs to watch out for pride and dictatorship which can be inclined when it comes to high positions. Because the nodes are in two opposite to the sign, it speaks of the constant tension of man to be one or the other extreme. The essence of mediation is to contrast two people stepped in front of the community, fighting for one’s rights or transferring an important message for mankind (Aquarius), but in a way that matches the Lion, and that is independence, creativity, drama, dedication, generosity.