North Node in Libra South Node in Aries-lunar node in signs

North Node in Vagi, southern node in Ovnu.Osobe with this combination of the nodes are adapted to the personal expression. One past life bring energy, creativity, assertiveness and sociability. They can be very focused, independent and often rely on themselves. These features can prevent them to achieve emotional closeness to the dear people. They have a pronounced ego and distrustful, according to associates, especially if the job in question or joint plans.

The family life of this person weight manipulation and the most pleasant feeling when you yourself decide themselves create. Stressed intellect and logic prevent them to achieve harmony and unity with the partner. They have, however, wish to achieve in this area and to feel a connection with others. It is possible that it will focus on a job that requires human contact, exchange of ideas, creativity.

They need others to see and evaluate what they are doing, but the only way to achieve this is to learn how to cooperate, how to ask for help, how to rely on friends. It may be too late to enter into marriage, because they are afraid that this will lose their freedom, though generally a lifetime searching for the community.