North Node in Pisces and Virgo in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Pisces, a southern Devici.Ovi the people are very valuable, the best feeling when you are working or when you are occupied with something. They do not like boredom and considered it impractical. Excessive are suspicious of people, whether they are partners, family, colleagues. They find that they can only work to complete by the end. Can easily be used for that, especially when it comes to business. They are suspicious in nature. Early show interest in spirituality, but it is fear. Specifically, they fear not having control over things they can not see, or describe finding logic.

Through the North Node in Pisces need to learn how to believe in the natural force of the universe, that is to ignore the logic, facts and common sense. You should be more water intuition. They need something more ideal from the daily routine. You need to learn to forgive and love, tenderness and empathy.

Good researchers, because they often can not describe in detail the metaphysical phenomena. This combination of nodes symbolically speaking is trying to understand whether there is a God and who he is. It will continue to focus on throughout their lives some kind of prayer, energy therapies, meditation.