North Node in Sagittarius and Gemini-South in lunar node in signs

North Node in Sagittarius, a southern Blizancima.Osoba in a very logical and communicative, curious. Fast learner and can easily adapt to new situations. Lako her to see the essence, perceptive and in constant motion. She approached situations in order to meet them and to the idea of ​​them pass on. There is no need to take in more of what it needs, it may have difficulty focusing, because they lose interest in a specific field.

A person tends to learn about and experience a higher meaning of life, or is difficult to engage in adventure and do not usually go beyond the routine that is used. It may have a fear of the unknown and ignorance, therefore refuses to broaden their knowledge and to share them with others. It can be very talkative, and in some moments of selfish, especially in touch with friends. People with this combination may have a fear of traveling, adrenaline sports, height.

They need to develop confidence and consistency, awareness and optimism. By nature, are very suspicious, have a thirst to learn, but lack methodical. Their knowledge can be practical, but also superficial. They’re attracted to people who are exempt from social norms and visionaries. It should be less reliant on others than on themselves, to practice meditation techniques focus and have clear objectives for what you want to achieve in life.