North Node in Scorpio, Taurus in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Scorpio, in the south Biku.Kod these individuals expressed a strong need for the maintenance of the existing status. They may be conservative, lazy and overly cautious when it comes to things unknown. Especially not prone to risks. From the previous lives of these people wear sensual meaning of life, the need to be fully present in the moment, considering the difficulty to understand and develop abstract ideas. Therefore, it may be attracted to esoteric things that’s also the fear, because they alter their daily routine and lifestyle taught.

Have the urge to explore the unknown, to experience a big change on a personal level, they have emphasized the will, but as the South Node in Taurus can be too lazy to do something about it. The sign of Taurus is slow and needs time to run, is linked to the physical world, while Scorpio related to the spiritual world.

These people need to connect with their deep emotions and fears and to work not to earn but to express creativity, you can have as a gift from past lives. They may be talented musicians, painters, dancers. Their oktriju to the mysteries of life and learn to not only to the senses but the soul.