North Node in Taurus, Scorpio in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Taurus, in southern Škorpiji.Osobe this combination of nodes nose secrecy and tendency to risk, with the aim to create something practical, safe and applicable. In this life they want peace, loyalty and family, they need clear boundaries within which they can move and where they can work. Past-life mystery nose and dark, natural charm and magnetism as well as the great power of transformation.

They can be very possessive, suspicious, overly obsessed with certain things or too controlled by families or partners. In this life should be to learn how to make decisions for themselves and others in order to provide all the benefits that they had in previous lives, this does not apply exclusively to the financial support, but also emotional.

North Node in Taurus speaks of the need for structure and form, the highest purpose and the need to belong. It is important to connect with nature and clearly verbalize their desires. People with this combination often need to run away from the others and to do things in their own way. They may be prone to some form of addiction if you do not resolve the question of life’s priorities.