North Node in Virgo and Pisces in the south-lunar node in signs

North Node in Virgo and the southern Ribama.Ova combination of two nodes indicates the contrary in man, and these are the facts and imagination. People with these nodes in a lifetime experience some unexplained phenomena, especially when they are children. They may have prophetic dreams and often rely on their intuition. They do not like the rules and do not like the details, yet the North Node in Virgo, must learn how to be systematic and methodical.

They’re attracted to spirituality and meditation, and very early show interest in such things. However, it happens to be loaded with some ideas, trying to live in a fantasy world, do not accept the outside world, can easily enter into the role of victim, become unrealistic and depressed. Many people with this combination can be doctors or engage in some form of alternative medicine, especially homeopathy, energy.

Their lesson is to learn how to use common sense to make decisions not by feeling, but by facts. You need to take care of their health, hygiene, work habits, to find out what or who will serve. This combination is a combination of intuition and logic.