North Node-Zmajeva head, Caput Draconis or Rahu, in eastern tradition (astrology)

North Node (Dragon’s head or Caput Draconis Rahu, in the Eastern tradition) indicates where our harmony, what should we strive for in life and what is real, we can hope for. They show us a “school” that allow our soul to be accomplished in this inakrnaciji and teaches us where we should be focusing our life in order is completed. If we go that way our spiritual being will coordinate with the physical and we will be satisfied and happy with their lives. Deviation from this path is the cause of most problems that people have. The trap is that this time a lot more uncomfortable than the way south node and it takes a lot of will and effort in order to move it, of course, if someone is our attention to this. In this sense, our lives are determined because any excessive deviation “given direction” may cause certain effects. Of course, we have the possibility of free choice so that we can throw away what we offer and nodes where we direct. However, as many astrologers, argues that the “roadmap” should be followed and that it should not be dismissed. On the other hand, we do not need another mistake that we will fully reject the “backpack” and turn to the progress that offers the north node. No, the wisdom lies in the fact that you need to connect the experience with the opportunities that are offered and it is the only true path to the goal which every soul aspires. It is for negative experiences can be drawn strongest and clearest lessons which, like a magic key to unlock the “door” that are before us. North Node Administration asked not to forget the past, to respect it (whatever that was) and use these experiences in a useful way. In contact with the sun or moon may negatively affect the mind and spirit but can give great psychic powers and occult abilities – depending on the extent to which Native able to resist those trappings of power.