Nostradamus: The EU will fall apart, the US will be the new North Pole, a Serbian ray belt

World’s most famous name of divination and clairvoyance, fortune-teller French Jewish Nostradamus predicted many events that have occurred. There are many of his prophecies given in cryptic verses, and those who believe that so far hit all believe that mistakes can be made only interpret his words. What interests us is what we expected

According to some interpretations of Nostradamus prophecies, we stepped in the 13-year cycle in which decides the fate of the planet and humanity.

This cycle began in 2012 and will end 2025. The previous cycle was from 1999 to 2012, began bombing the FRY and Serbia since 2012 gradually begins to relieve pressure from Western powers because they will be confronted with their own problems.

According to some calculations and interpretations of Nostradamus, the disintegration of the European Union will start this, in 2015. Will form groups of three countries that will create their continent within the Union, which will lead to the weakening and fragmentation of the EU.

But at the same time will happen something much more dangerous, because a man will have to fight with the forces of nature. According to Nostradamus there will be a shift of Earth’s poles, which will cause a new ice age in certain parts of the planet.

The current Sever and South Poles will melt, but not due to global warming, but because of the transfer of the polar ice caps! The area covering the United States, the current 50 degree latitude will form the new North Pole and the South Pole will be found southwest of Australia.

We are witnessing the last year in the United States occurred polar climate, with temperatures of -50 and even -60 degrees Celsius. We looked at the frozen image of Niagara Falls, and frozen tropical fruit, otherwise, always warm Florida.

Nostradamus announces the sinking of the earth in “the abyss of planetary dark,” because of the appearance of an asteroid or planetoid of the cosmos. Him this psychic named “Brother Moon” and asteroid could bring very cooling and a new ice age.

If you should happen to move the ice caps of the Arctic on a significant part of the United States, it will mean a weakening of the geo-strategic position of that country which can imply new wars. It can be expected that the world’s largest military power will not sit idly by and they will want to reach the other, warmer territory, but it can lead to conflicts on a large world-wide, including the cause – third world war.

Some believe that this period meant the destruction of New York, the city that lies at 45 degrees latitude.

“The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.

Fire will come a new big city.

Unišititi fire to their city,

heart wicked and cold,

blood will be cast,

mercy for anybody. ”
The lyrics refer to “new big city.” New York is one of the largest cities in the world, and his old and new name containing the word “new”. First it was called New Amsterdam and then New York (New York). New York still carries a “nickname” Big Apple, and therefore contains the word “big” in prophecy.

Nostradamus predicted and unexpected events in the Middle East, the Western powers that have no right answer. Namely, should be followed by unification of many Muslims.

“From an Arab country,

Mohammed’s successor will be born,

Will enter Europe wearing a blue turban,

It will be the terror of mankind,

Never greater horror ”
As we see, the work is the creation of an Islamic state in which volunteers are flocking from all over the world. Is “Mohammed’s successor” from Nostradamus verses of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the IS? Do you know his intentions to penetrate into Europe, targeting both Serbia and the Balkan countries. We know the terror that IS implemented over the Christian population, but the verses are “ever greater horror,” a perfect fit. Will the Islamic state expanded, as has the ambition, or will only spark for anything, remains to be seen.

At the same time the planet will happen dramatic changes. There will be a huge flood, “everything will flow into a river.” Shall be accompanied by strong earthquakes. Change the poles will cause Serbia and the Balkans from the continental climate, the rays cross the belt, and will in this area will be very high temperature.

The first devastating earthquake could happen to Turkey, and then to the next, in 2016 followed the earthquake on the Montenegrin coast. Earthquakes continue to shake the area of ​​the European part of the Mediterranean, especially Italy and Spain.