Not all karma-lunar node (astrology)

When you mention the lunar node, most immediately think of karma, destiny, fate (or more as when called) and so-called. karmic astrology. True, the nodes have a very important place in the study of these areas – are the most important, but not the only element to be taken into account. Around the concept and operation of karma have divided opinions. Some believe that everything is predestined, others that we can still work a bit of free will and so on. This issue seriously I dealt with many years ago, and until today I had not the slightest reason to doubt the conclusion I have come then. I fully support the old teachings that say that approximately 25% of the events that await us in life predestined, and that the other 75% could affect free will. Of course, there are souls who have chosen the more difficult karmic path in this incarnation, but these are rare cases. It is interesting that the majority of customers raises precisely this question and almost all have a dissenting opinion on the division mentioned percent. At first glance, it really seems that only a small number of situations in life can affect, however, this is only an illusion. On one part to ease our control: client stress, for example, increased the possibility of a traffic accident (or poor ventilation of the house where he lives), he sells the car (or house) and so, without much effort, substantially reduce or even eliminate the possibility of adverse outcomes . On another occasion a little harder to work: people are diagnosed with a serious illness, the doctors her advised to stop smoking, drinking or to change the diet to be cured, but she says she “can not because it’s harder than it” or simply does not want to make the effort. Finally, there are life situations that is very difficult to influence, so hard that it seems impossible (complete change of lifestyle, environment, country in which one lives, even life conceptions) but there are many individuals who are to succeed, of course, with a huge effort. However, what is crucial is whether someone is allowed (provided) to get to the necessary information or not. Persons, which certain information is not available, are destined for certain events without the possibility of influence, not preventive. How many accidents that have, with ease, be able to prevent or rescue was at hand, and that injured this simply did not know. On the other hand, is much potential disease problems and accidents prevented thanks to timely information. Lunar node gives us indescribable help in deciphering the karmic stories of each individual, but the whole country and the people. In this article, I’ll keep on their impact on the lives of individuals and only in the present incarnation, because I believe that a small number of people without consequences can deal with their own karma.